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Due to Chris’ own climate anxiety, he chose to research emotions and hope in connection with the climate catastrophe.

In this MA thesis titled The End of the World as We Know it: Hope, Despair and Action among Deep Adapters, Chris explores the research questions “How do Deep Adapters imagine the future?” by sharing fictional stories collected from Deep Adaptation spaces. The research questions “Which emotions follow the acceptance of collapse as a possibility for the future and how are they dealt with?” and “How does anticipation of collapse influence everyday life and activism?” are explored in more detail through ethnographic research. This research depicts various elements of the Deep Adaptation journeys of Chris and his research participants.

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Born and raised in Switzerland, Chris completed an education as a business clerk and worked in accounting for a couple of years. Dissatisfied by the value of the work, he soon started questioning capitalism and the monetary system. This led him to quit his steady job to do a BA in Popular Culture and Film Studies at the University of Zurich.

Working on various visual projects in his undergraduate studies he discovered his love for ethnographic film and visual anthropology, and decided to move to Berlin for an MA in Visual and Media Anthropology.

While working on his MA thesis he joined the creative future activist collective Camp Collapse. Today, his main focus lies on connecting activism and research, the collapse of thermo-industrial society, and how to build psychological resilience, both individually and collectively, to be better prepared for a more and more uncertain future.

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Camp Collapse is a collective exploring future possibilities: what we want, how to get there and how to prepare for it!


They explore the theme of future visioning and the possibility of a future sustainable, responsible and resilient society. Camp Collapse develops creative and educational experiences and workshops that enable people to better imagine their future and think about how to get there.

Camp Collapse is a Deep Adaptation affiliated group. They have been working with the Transformation Centre project Transformation Haus & Feld since April 2021. Camp Collapse will design several performances and workshops with TH&F throughout the year to stimulate the collective imagination for a socio-ecological transition.

"For the great social transformation we need to achieve a climate-just future, we all need a great inner transformation as well. We need to learn together to deepen sustainable behaviours, let go of unsustainable behaviours, bring back forgotten values and face the reality of the climate crisis. As a space for workshops, talks, performances, games, concerts and other community activities, the Transformation Haus & Feld is the perfect place to drive this inner transformation." 

Dani Mosimann & Christian S. Tröndle

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